Introducing the innovative Concrete Eroded Bear – a masterpiece that merges strength and artistry in one captivating sculpture. Crafted with the finest armed concrete, this exquisite piece showcases the raw beauty of erosion, transforming solid material into a symbol of resilience and power. We are all strong on the inside. 

The Concrete Eroded Bear embodies strength on multiple levels – not only in its robust construction but also in the symbolism it represents. The erosion-inspired design conveys a profound message about the endurance of inner strength. Just as the bear, a symbol of power and courage, stands unyielding in the face of nature's forces, so too does the human spirit prevail against challenges. We all got broken and we all survived.

Every detail of this sculpture is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and creativity that have gone into its creation. The carefully crafted textures and intricate contours mimic the organic process of erosion, offering a visual journey through time and the elements. This striking piece serves as a reminder that beneath the surface, we all possess a reservoir of strength that can weather life's storms.

Whether gracing the interior of your home, office, or outdoor space, the Concrete Eroded Bear becomes a conversation starter, an artistic focal point, and a daily source of inspiration. Discover the union of armed concrete's durability and the timeless beauty of erosion, culminating in a representation of strength that resonates deeply within us all.

Small: 100x50mm
Medium: 170x85mm
Large: 290x165mm

Product comes in a double boxed box with inside protection for a flawless delivery. 
All pieces are hand crafted in our own studio and have different eroded parts making each piece unique.

Limited to 500 pieces. 

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