Some days are just more fun then others... And the day we got to drive this Huracan Evo in Dubai was just an amazing day! As you know we love all black and this Evo suited our taste very well!  

What would suit our latest black hoodie better? Nothing, right? The 640hp strong Italian bull was just the ultimate dreamcar! It got the looks, it got the power, it got the quality we expect from an expensive supercar. 

The black on black wheels with red centerlocks were just on point, couldn't think of a better spec to be honest. Maybe some yellow details instead of red ones? As we did our previous seven series in that spec, we know it worked out well. The red with black interior worked well... Except from the seats, they gave me an intense backpain, and to be honest, I have that from every Huracan I already driven. Guess Lamborghini just makes bad seats... Not even the E30 full carbon seats gave me backpain, or I'm just getting old. 

20" Black wheels, red calipers and red centerlocks armed with Pirelli tires, the perfect combo! 

I don't think there's a better car to cruise around in Dubai then this one? Ok, a G-wagon will give you more comfort and storage space but it will never give you the trilling sound of a V10 behind your back. 

When you change the driving mode from Strada to Sport and Corsa, it opens the valves and a unicorn is released in the exhaust system! Presenting you with an engine sound you can only dream of, please note this had an original exhaust and Dubai police is very strict on exhaust noises! 

 We can tell you that even in Dubai this car get heads turned, it's a that good looking car and people over there are used to seeing some proper exotic wheels! 

It's also possible people turned around for our awesome hoodie! Pretty sure! 

What would we change on the car? It's pretty much epic as it comes but if we really needed to do some, lower it (it got the lift kit) and add some more carbon like a front lip! It already got the extra wing on the rear which was pretty cool! 

Meanwhile, we'll keep on working hard so we can fill up the tank! Which was only 110AED which is around €30 for a full tank. Yes, read that again! 

Habibi, come to Dubai!