Coffee & cars, a success recipe that’s in the books for ages. Just think about all the cars & coffee events around the world. 

In Dubai this fresh newly opened place called ‘DRVN COFFEE’ is the place to be when you like cars and want to grab a bite or a drink. Don’t get it wrong, you can have way more then just a coffee. I actually don’t drink coffee - ha!

We discovered this place on the Gram, Instagram that is. Many Dubai based petrolheads love to show of this place on the social network and that’s exactly what drew us to this Porsche mekka! 

It’s all Porsche inside, from the cars in the boxes to the wall-art on the walls. As they have 3 spots (2 in Abu D’habi & 1 in Dubai) they love change up all the cars once a 10 days so you can see fresh cars all time around. Good way to keep things new!

As we were obviously not here for the coffee (sorry!) we decided to grab a bite and some drinks!

A full-on traditional pizza oven & an open kitchen, more then enough reasons to go for a pizza (and a salad for the ladies). As you can see it was amazingly clean, you could literally eat from the floor!

Pizza 4 formaggi & extra salami, I know, it sounds weird but it tastes so good! The green stuff was a salad, the ladies were pretty happy with it! 

A fantastic concept with a great chill atmosphere! Perfect to eat, drink or just do some work on your laptop!

If you’re looking for a fun stroll around and want to grab a coffee or a bite, go to Bluewaters and be sure to check out DRVN coffee!

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